Elly Partridge, M.I.F.R.


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About Me


Elly Partridge, M.I.F.R.



I received my IEB Diploma in Reflexology in 2005. I am a full member of the International Federation of Reflexologists M.I.F.R. All members adhere to a code of ethics and are fully insured. I am also registered with the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies GRCCT Reg. No. 642713.


Since graduating in 2005 I have continued to further develop my knowledge and skills in order to support my clients, completing courses in; Diet and Nutrition, Hand Reflexology, Reflexology for Infertility and Maternity Reflexology. I strive to keep up to date with the latest health and wellbeing research.


I always aim to give the highest quality treatment working with accuracy and sensitivity. Each client is treated as a unique individual and each treatment is tailored to suit their needs.


Training Credentials


ITEC Diploma level 3 - Anatomy and Physiology

IEB Diploma level 3 - Reflexology

ITEC Diploma level 3 - Diet and Nutrition

Certified - Hand Reflexology

Certified - Reflexology for Fertility

Certified - Maternity Reflexology


ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council)

IEB (International Examination Board)